The Word: A Beginning

The Word is like thunder, rumbling across the sky, shaking the earth. It is a force to be reckoned with, a sign of coming storms.

The Word is like a hunting horn, calling us to the chase, to pursue the ever fleeing goal. At our head is the huntsman that has cheated death. The quarry will not escape him.

The Word is like the sun upon rain as it falls, a shimmer in the air that fills with world with gold and glory. It shines even as it cleanses.

That is the subject of this blog: the Word in all his glory. Through him all things were made, so here I will speak of all things. I will delve into every matter which yields an insight into the character of our Lord. In some cases, this will mean simple theology, in others, film and literature. Sometimes it will mean politics or education. I will offer opinion and commentary on the world around us, partly in hopes of uncovering the truth, partly in an effort to proclaim it.

This is the work of a fallen man, and I hope to grow as I write here. That will mean mistakes, and, I hope, the courage to ask forgiveness and offer retractions. But, as in the rest of life, the mistakes are worth the prize at the end of the race. So I write, and beg your pardon.

As to the immediate future, I expect to post something on Pentecost, a sketch on pines, and perhaps a short story, all in the next few weeks. This is a work in progress, so we’ll see how regularly I have something worth saying before I make promises with regards to prompt posting. But that much is already in draft form.

So welcome to Fog on Pleasant Hill. I hope you are edified.


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