“Evangellyfish” – A Solid Satire

Sometimes the best books make you squirm. Evangellyfish is one of those books. A story by a pastor, about pastors, it centers on a scandal concerning megachurch minister Chad Lester. Chad is a serial adulterer, but the accusations surrounding the liaison which endangers his career are false, a fact which makes him quite indignant. In contrast is the small-time Reformed Baptist pastor John Mitchell, who, while still a sinner, does his best to nip his sins in the bud and confess them when he doesn’t.

While the tangled web of deceit and self-interest that surrounds Chad certainly makes for a wild and wondrous plot, it is the characters themselves that catch the eye. Doug Wilson, the author, has a keen insight into the workings of the human heart. He paints a picture of evangelical hypocrisy that often grates against my own party loyalty. But after even a cursory examination of the motives and excuses of the various personalities, I am left with an uneasy twinge of guilt. Wilson’s caricatures are not only true of the church generally, they cut at the heart of the individual Christian.

It’s a good read, and convicting, so I highly recommend it, especially for evangelicals. The author also has a mind for metaphors, and wit when it comes to a turn of phrase. While it can run away from him sometimes, the overall flow is nice and there are plenty of gems worth quoting. A must for the library of the self-critical Christian.


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