A Face

This afternoon when I sat down at my computer I was presented with a news story you have probably not read. It is a story the mainstream won’t cover, because it is a story that strikes at the heart of our nation’s version of the holocaust: abortion. A few years ago the Colorado House was voting on whether to pass a resolution celebrating the anniversary of Planned Parenthood’s establishment in that state. One of the congressmen, Ted Harvey, was dismayed by this choice to rejoice in the state-sanctioned murder of unborn children. A while later, before the day came when they voted on that motion, he ran into abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, and made use of a golden opportunity. The full story can be found here.

If you’re on the Palouse, Ms. Jessen will be speaking in two local events next week. You can sign up on Facebook to attend in either Moscow on the 26th, or Pullman on the 27th. Please do.


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