Leaping Faith

Faithfulness requires a strong charismatic streak. The fact is, our God knows our story, and our relationship with him is personal. When he conjures up a path for you to take, you may not always be able to cite chapter and verse or point to some universal principle that requires all Christians to take that path. But at that moment, in that place, directed at you, that opportunity has the strength almost of a command.

I say this because I want to get at a particular point- that the Lord calls us to jump, and trust he’ll catch us. If a path is truly laid out by the Lord, then when you set off down it, he will bless you. So faith means setting off down that road even when you aren’t sure where it goes. It means taking the plunge, the leap of faith, and trusting the Lord that there are no sharp rocks at the bottom.

The Lord will provide. A man I respect once gave me some advice about whether I should make a particular life choice. He said, if it was God’s plan, don’t worry about where the money will come from or how I’ll end up there. If he really wanted me there, he would make sure I got there.

The corresponding bit of advice is this: make sure it really is God’s plan. Don’t go leaping willy nilly, don’t put your faith on a slippery stepping stone. The leap of faith is for moments when you are called to have faith, that is, to trust. It’s not for moments when you want something really bad, or you have this weird feeling in your gut that may or may not have something to do with the expiration date on the baloney you ate earlier in the day.

As always, wisdom is necessary. And wisdom is something you have to learn. A large part of that should come from Scriptures and those wiser than you, but it also comes with experience. And experience means trial and error, which means sometimes you leap and you fall, and you have to get back up. Faith means knowing God has also prepared you for your failures and given you a way to come out stronger.

So when God tells you to leap, do it. It may be scary, it may be dangerous, but that’s what faith is all about.


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