Raid On Hell

I wrote a poem about the Harrowing of Hell (Christ’s descent into Hades) for our talent show. I though it would be particularly fitting for today. Hope you enjoy it.


Raid on Hell


Sing, wisdom

And bless me with rhythm.

Though I be from a gentile nation,

Teach me a holy syncopation.

For I have a story to tell

Of the raid on hell.

Past the days of Lent,

After the holy sacrament

Between Christ’s death and resurrection,

The day of sin’s final correction,

Between when he died and rose,

When he first removed his mortal clothes.


He walked towards hell, brave and bold,

Into death, decay and bitter cold.

Demons fled

With fearful dread

From the God who bled,

From the Man who said,

“Let’s raise the dead.”

A hundred shades

From stony glades,

The spirits of saints

Weary and faint,

Waiting for their Lord

Came straight toward

The sound of his voice,

They made their choice.

The earth it shook

And steps they took

Like says it says in the book,

And they came like crooks

In the night.

In the city of the Jews

The dead spread the news

With Gospel power

In earth’s darkest hour.

People listened and heard,

Drinking every word

Of the story they’d tell

Of the Raid on Hell.


Into the valley of death rode the One,

Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.

Into the blackest pit,

Into the land unlit

By moon or star.

He’d come so far beneath the earth

To the place where Satan had his birth,

Where demons were chained,

Because they had feigned

To be divine.

Christ gave the sign,

And words he spoke,

Their spirits broke.

For every day this world would turn

These fools would burn.

Welcome, O prince of Hell,

To the light you can’t dispel,

To the flame you cannot quell,

To the barking hounds of Hell,

Waiting since the day you fell,

Heed the story that I tell,

Against the Christ do not rebel.

For he has made

The Raid on Hell.


Now hear me talk

He moved the rock,

He rolled the stone,

Like an angel shone,

Come to claim his throne.

Now his kingdom’s grown

Into lands unknown

And the seeds he’s sown

Don’t stand alone.

So pick up the phone,

Make the Gospel known,

Take a heavenly tone

To the devil’s clones

Treat ‘em like your own,

And feel at home,

Cause the Spirit roams

And rings the victory bell,

This word to tell,

This shining spell,

Remember well

The Raid on Hell.


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