Notes from Tilt-a-Whirls, Icing on Cakes

The book is good, and the bookumentary is just icing on the cake. By which I mean it is sweet, flashy, and if you’re not careful, gets everywhere.

N. D. Wilson’s take on life, the universe, and everything is somewhat unique. Like a carnie, he introduces us to a world of flashing lights and moving parts, with a heap of bizarreness on every side. In under an hour he brings us through questions about God, the afterlife, and the problem of evil.

It is his treatment of the problem of evil that makes the whole thing worth watching. He takes us from grit and guts to fluffy kittens, and every place in between, pulling no punches. If you want real answers, you have to look under every rock, and he does.

Join him in this journey. Don’t just ask the questions, find the answers. Watch it, read it, watch it again. It’s worth every penny.

Also, you may have noticed I’ve spent less time blogging. This is because it is finals week, and life is happening very fast right now. Hopefully I’ll return at some point next week. I’ve already got a poem in the works, and plans for the stuff I’ve already mentioned. Cheerio


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