We Need a Politician

Not my favorite phrase. But true.

I’m a product of Christian schooling, so I’m not exactly unbiased when I say the public school system is bankrupt and explicitly Christian schooling (private or home) is the way to go. Growing up in the situation I have, I’m well aware that way more people agree with the general thrust of that statement than actually have pulled their kids out of public school. And with good reason: money.

It’s not a noble reason, it’s not a deep one. But it’s a good one. Turns out, kids need food and clothes. And shelter, too. So when you’re looking for a place to send them, you have to account for your bank account. And for a lot of people, anything but public schooling is just plain too expensive.

A while back, vouchers were a big issue down here. The idea was that the government would more or less pay for people to send their kids to approved schools. Take note of that word there: approved. The problem with this method was that if your school wanted to accept vouchers, or if you as a homeschooling parent wanted to, you had to meet government expectations. But those standards are half the problem with public schooling. We left public schools, and some folks are still trying to, for a reason. That whole scheme undercuts our little escape plan.

Now public schools are funded by our tax money, whether we have kids or not, whether we send them to public schools or not. That’s not right. We’re being forced to pay for someone else’s education choice when we can’t afford our own. And I do mean forced. Try not paying those taxes and see how far you get. That’s government theft at its most basic.

Vouchers tried to fix that by giving some of that money back, but at the cost of having real freedom of educational choice removed. What I’m saying is, we need true academic freedom. We need a politician willing to go to Austin for us, and to Washington, and tell them to quit taking our money. Cut those taxes, let us keep our own cash. Let folks who want public school keep paying for that, and for those who don’t, let us pay for something else.

This won’t free it up completely. Some forms of education will always be cheaper than others. Usually, that’s going to be the kind that is cheaper in quality. But look at US test scores: we’re already there. At least in this situation, the inequality is from general circumstances, not from an unfair, unjust, unfeeling system. So, yeah, we need a politician on our side. Young, upcoming Christians—are you listening?


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