Faith and Grit

Dreams are a dime a dozen, and talents are scattered far and wide. So what makes some people have success, and others fail? I’ve got two answers, and they’re not contradictory. Sounds promising, huh?

The first answer is grit– discipline, push, endurance, the refusal to give up, the ability to work and work hard and never stop. Victory comes from wanting it bad enough to do what it takes to gain the prize. Talent means nothing if you refuse to invest it. Remember the parable. Dreams means nothing if you aren’t willing to sacrifice to make them a reality. You don’t become a hero by waking up one day and slaying a giant, you have to spend your days herding sheep and driving off bears and lions.

But here’s the other half, the secret: success is a gift of God. He gave David a Goliath to kill because the young shepherd had already dealt well with the obstacles God had given him. No matter how hard you strive, it’s God that gives you somewhere to go. If he wants you to succeed, he’ll get you there.

So does that mean we can just chill and let him do what he does? Of course not. What he does is give us wild animals, and our job is to fight them off. When we prove ourselves faithful with that, he’ll give us bigger tasks.

What I’m saying isn’t very original, but it’s worth knowing. First, be faithful in the circumstances God gives you. Second, have faith that he’ll get you where you need to go.

On that note, I’m going to go try to pass Greek. Because that is one big, hulking bear. God bless.


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