A Quick Update With Interesting Questions

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Between moving (or trying to), my computer dying, school, and miscellaneous distractions, I have fallen deplorably behind. But fear not, I shall soon return with the final His Dark Materials entry, a continuation of The Southern Dilemma, and a few things I’ve been cogitating on. Until then, consider the following questions:

  • Our free choices are determined by our personalities. Where did those come from? How does this effect the discussions surrounding free will and predestination?
  • Isn’t C. S. Lewis just awesome?
  • Why didn’t we have spacetravel science fiction until really recently? (Either imperialism or Galileo, I’m betting.)
  • Chesterton and Lewis both called themselves democrats and both had a hierarchical worldview. How does this work?
  • Why are there so many trilogies? Is it just a fad, or is there a deeper reason?
  • Where is country music headed?
  • Imagine somebody tried to fuse Mexican and Chinese food. That’s not really a question, I just want you to imagine that.
  • Where the heck did the Deep East Texas accent come from?

Consider these things deeply. One day you may find them useful.


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