An Explanation

The author is the son of two Christian parents and brother to two rascals cut from the same cloth. My brothers and I were raised in and around the college town of Nacogdoches in deep East Texas. I attended Regents Academy, receiving classical training in the art of being human, and am adding to that training at New Saint Andrews in northern Idaho. I’ve been known to enjoy the finer things in life, including spam sandwiches and shrimp brochette, and heartily appreciate the twanging tones of country music.

I am a lover of words and stories, and the way fog hovers over the river at dawn or thunder waits until the lightning is done flashing before it booms. This is where I express that love, mixed heavily with thoughts theological, pondering political, and commentary cultural. In those fields, I am firmly Christian, unflinchingly conservative, and a bit of an eclectic redneck.

If, while you dine on the feast of life, you make your way here, I pray you will enjoy the fare and forgive the cook his foibles. I am, after all, but a poor sinner, with no redeeming qualities but the blood of Jesus. Welcome, and may your stay be merry.



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