A Hodge of Podges

For your perusal today, I have several things.

First, a poetic musing. I would like to write an ode to flea markets. There are not enough sonnets about soccer fields. Why do the poets never talk about swimming pools? Pizza is worthy of an epic. Rapping about this pleasant weather we are having is so ridiculous that it must be a good idea. An opera could be composed which revolves entirely around a single hour of an elementary school water gun war. I’m pretty sure I considered it at the time. Finally, haikus on that feeling you get when you remove shin guards.

Second, consider the following post on why there’s no sin called “watching a stupid movie,” but there is one called, “being stupid while watching a stupid movie.”¬†Here.

Third, on a more serious note, contrast these thoughts on the election with these. At some point I will throw in my own two cents, but for now, you should find yours.

Fourth, over the next week or so I will be working on a post on wealth and poverty. In order to make it good, I’m going to be taking a while. Ergo, that post on pines should be up fairly soon, hopefully followed by a short prose piece on reading water meters and another about eating with Dad at King Buffet, both playing off some recent sermons I’ve heard. Meanwhile, read this.

Last, and most seriously, the crawfish is an irreplaceable delicacy. From the holy art of shelling the beast, through the eating of the tasty meat, and on to slurping up the juices which have collected in the head, the whole thing is evidence that there is good in the world. I heartily recommend the practice, if you are in a place where it is possible.